Mini Talks!

Introducing an interactive experience for our 2021 Attendees!

Got an innovative idea you’ve been dying to share? Look no further! TEDxHartford is opening up our 2021 stage to our attendees!

Listen to Lee Simmons, TEDxHartford’s Organizer, introduce this fun new experience!

What are Mini Talks?

Mini Talks are short TEDx style talks that are created by YOU!

  • 30 secs or less
  • Pre-Recorded
  • Original Ideas

Submissions are open to the public can be on any topic! Ex:

  • Wacky life hacks
  • Comedic Observations
  • Musical Acts
  • And more!

The top 5 Mini Talks will be revealed during the 2020 the TEDxHartford event! Dont miss your chance to play a bigger role in our 2021 Event!

Submit Your 30 Second Mini Talk Now!!

Click the link below, fill out the survey, and follow the directions to submit your idea:

Talks will NOT be featured at TEDxHartford 2021 if they have a political, religious, or commercial agenda. Thank you for understanding!