Apply To Be A 2024 Speaker

Do you have a TEDx talk in you?

  • Applications Open: February 7, 2024
  • Applications Close: April 30, 2024
  • 2024 Event: First or Second Week of December

What a TEDx talk is NOT:

  • TEDx talks are not motivational speeches.

  • TEDx talks are not just storytelling about a personal journey. If you are including your personal story, it must lead to a new, surprising idea or concept to qualify for consideration.

  • TEDx talks are not a promotional opportunity to showcase your company or brand.

  • TEDx talks are not religious or political.


What makes a good TEDx talk:

  • TEDx talks take certain evidence or observations and draws a conclusion.

  • TEDx talks present an idea that is new and surprising, an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about.

  • TEDx talks can take a great basic idea (that your audience may have already heard) with a compelling new argument that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

Helpful Information

Before applying, please have a look at our guidance below to understand more about what we’re looking for and whether we’re the right fit for your idea.

We find it essential that each speaker on the TEDxHartford platform possesses the unique ability to convey a compelling concept in an approachable and accessible manner. Some of the essential qualities we seek are:

Novelty: We want innovative and original ideas – or ideas presented in a way that’s uniquely yours.  We’re not likely to feature motivational speakers, confidence coaches, business advisors or people who’ve recently given similar TEDx talks elsewhere.

Diversity: We actively seek diversity in ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, disability, education, background. We’re proud to champion non-traditional experts and voices that are marginalised or underrepresented in our society.

Creativity: We’re looking for speakers who can present ideas in a unique and captivating way.  We’d love to hear your idea in a way that’s personal to your experiences, perspectives and expertise.

Credibility: We need speakers who are fully committed to their idea and knowledgeable on the topic. You don’t need to have a PhD, be a published author or a world-recognised public figure. But we do ask that you’ve spent time understanding, developing and validating your ideas through work, research or lived experience.


Each speaker comes to us with their unique motivations, and we take immense pleasure in assisting them in reaching their objectives while ensuring a remarkable experience. As a united team, we are dedicated to:

Providing mentorship and guidance throughout your TEDxHartford journey. Our speaker coaches are committed to aiding you in preparing for the event, ensuring an extraordinary experience. You will receive personalized coaching throughout the process. 

Crafting top-notch communications and maximizing exposure. Seize the chance to share your ideas with Hartford and the global audience. We achieve this by professionally recording your talk to broadcast quality and actively promoting it across our community, online networks, and press contacts. Through our pre- and post-event communications, we strive to champion and amplify your concept.

Build a vibrant, diverse audience and create networking opportunities. Our events consistently draw high demand, often selling out within days, as we continually expand to regional audiences. We aim to introduce your idea to fresh minds worldwide.

Be a part of professional events that showcase your idea. Our production, creative, and communications teams work tirelessly to create unforgettable experiences for both speakers and audiences, presenting your talk in the most favorable light possible.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being selected to give a TEDxHartford talk is an exclusive experience that will create a lifelong memory to help you build your legacy.

As a TEDxHartford speaker, your role is integral to our collective success. Committing to speak is a substantial undertaking, and we have specific expectations for all speakers:

Commitment: Speaking at a TEDx event is a unique experience. Whether you are a seasoned or first-time public speaker, we request full engagement in our coaching and rehearsal process. 

Time: We generally require speakers to participate in a minimum of three meetings (in person or remotely) with our speaker team before the event to develop the talk. Additionally, we expect all speakers to attend both an informal rehearsal and a formal dress rehearsal, in addition to the event day. If you desire more time for preparation or rehearsal, we are more than willing to accommodate.

Passion: Crafting your talk requires dedication! Your enthusiasm, positivity, and willingness to collaborate throughout the process are crucial. While we offer unwavering support, it is essential that you bring your passion and determination to succeed.

Apply To Be a 2024 Speaker