Speakers 2022

Meet George Howard. He was named one of America’s Greatest Disruptors in 2021 by Newsweek. A music industry veteran, George Howard, will speak to the incredible power and transparency of decentralization, tokenization, and fractionalized ownership in a way that is custom made for creators, straight forward to understand, and open to all.

Meet Jordan Polon. Is seeing really believing? Does your perception change the way you feel about a place, before you have even experienced that place? Jordan will explore this space, and what she shares, may shift the way you see and what you believe.

Meet Allison Holzer. Where do you come up with your great ideas? In the shower, perhaps? Allison will talk about the power of unstructured think time.

Think about that…wherever you are!

Meet Jay Williams. There are 169 towns in Connecticut, and many people stay right where they live. Yet we all went through/are still going through a pandemic. Jay Williams will encourage us to cross the bridge to bridge the gap, and will share how diversification and collaboration is the way to move past hard times.

Meet Cindy Deekitwong. An intrapreneur, Cindy finds new ways to solve the problem by bending not breaking the rules and capitalizing on her solutions.

Meet Brent Robertson. We are programmed and expected to do other things while we are listening to someone talk. But what if we could open ourselves to listen…in 3D?
Brent will share how listening with intention can change your life!

Meet Laura Hennings. Numbers. Sales. Wealth. If you are in business, these things make your world go ’round. But what if you approached wealth creation in a more holistic way? Laura will teach us how to think differently about achieving success, while embracing freedom and passion.

Meet Nicole Suissa. Working and raising a family, it’s a delicate and often challenging balance. Nicole will explain the importance of investing in working moms and how that practice can truly affect the economic climate.

*Speakers are subject to change

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