2020 Featured Speakers

Kim Morrison & Noelle Alix: A restauranteur (Kim) and a finance attorney (Noelle) found the perfect partnership to advocate more an inclusive workforce. Inspired by their daughters who have Down Syndrome, they opened BeanZ & Co. as an inclusive coffee café employing individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). They’re excited to spark a new collective consciousness to help create a world where everyone belongs!

Brian Gorman: Growing up during the Civil Rights Movement, it is not surprising that ‘change’ is embedded in Brian’s DNA. After 5 decades of helping others with change on a individual, organizational, & communal level, Brian is excited to share several lessons he has learned during his career! In his free time, he is the author of a blog and enjoys writing articles online.

Vasanth Kainkaryam: A former healthcare executive turned “doctorpreneur,” Vasanth is rebuilding the healthcare experience for his patients through the Direct Primary Care model. He is excited to share some lessons learned from his career as he looks at healthcare from the lens of a patient and physician. In his talk he will focus on the one thing he feels many of us have forgotten we have: choice. In his free time, Vasanth stays busy spending time with his wife and two daughters (soon to be three) and enjoys baking mini cupcakes inspired by South Asian flavors and spices.

Sacha Armstrong-Crockett: A luxury real estate agent with Sotheby’s International Realty, Sacha is also a dedicated community activist in her hometown. From serving as a parent consultant to the youth services bureau to be an out spoken anti-racism activist, Sacha uses her voice to support and lift the voices of BIPOC in her community. Her talk will walk us through being the only black person in the room and how that has impacted her life. 

Joshua Shea: A former councilman turned journalist, ghostwriter and pornography addiction educator, Joshua Shea has overcome many things in life. Taking the stage in December of 2020, he will enlighten us on major healthcare crisis that is often not spoken about–porn addiction. Shea is happy to report that he has been sober from pornography and alcohol since 2014 and spends his free time with his wife & their 6 pets.

Jeremy Brewer: As a full time police officer in Connecticut, Jeremy wants people to be aware of the power of the pause. “I spend my days in and out of a lot of stories. It’s taught me the importance of letting the door breathe, so we avoid making snap judgements and telling someone else’s story.” Jeremy is excited to share lessons learned throughout his career at TEDxHartford 2020. In his free time, Jeremy is a father, avid runner, and crisis advocate.

Astrid Baumgardner: Trained as a lawyer and career coach, Astrid Baumgardner teaches creativity and entrepreneurship at Yale University’s School of Music and heads the School’s Career Strategies Office. In her upcoming talk, Ms. Baumgardner is excited to be sharing the big secret of creativity and how it can change the world! In her free time, she loves going to concerts, reading literary fiction, traveling, cooking, and entertaining friends and family.