2021 Featured Speakers

Zoom and remote meeting communication became and remains a big part of our lives, due in part to COVID. So, now that we are in a new phase, what does that mean for the remote/virtual workplace? How will our home/life balance evolve? What can we look forward to? What have we learned?
We are pleased to share that Zoom Global CIO Harry Moseley is one of our speakers this year!

“Watch what you say.”
“Be careful how you say it.”
These phrases have even more of an impact today.
University of Hartford Asst. Professor of Psychology Mala Matacin will be talking about language and gender issues and how we use labels. Her talk may lead you to re-think how you talk.

Connecticut’s Mark Sheridan is a self-proclaimed “question-poet”, Mark will delve into the process, tools and art of asking questions to grow as individuals and as a society. Will he explore the importance of asking and not stating? What do you think?

Kids are fearless. Their courage outweighs their fear. When does that flip? How can we learn from children and become empowered to stay in the confident, courageous space? Nishita works with people of all ages, especially women and people of color, to lead.

Darryl McGraw of Formerly Inc. A self-proclaimed product of his own violent and poverty-striken enviornment, McGraw will talk about Urban Trauma. Is there a way to identify this trauma, and treat it to prevent young people from making the same mistakes he and others have made?

Parents, what if we taught you a way to get your picky eaters, to eat? The secret is…putting them in charge. Interesting, huh? Kimball is a cooking teacher who says the earlier kids master good eating habits, the better their lives will be in all aspects.

Dr. David Greenfield of The Center for Internet & Technology Addiction is going to discuss overcoming our screen addiction. We cannot live without them. (as you read this, on a screen) so how do we safely, realistically live with them? What’s the science behind the addiction? How can we undo the harm?

She is an eco warrior who radiates passion in her speaking and teaching.
What affect did COVID have on our environment? What can we do to be sustainable? How can we ‘Be The Change’?

*Speakers are subject to change.