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 2018 Speakers

Arthur Haines
Arthur Edit

He’s been helping people explore human ecology for over 20 years. His mission is rooted in developing deep awareness of and connection to nature, promoting individual health, and fostering self-reliance. Arthur now runs the Delta Institute of Natural History​ in Canton, Maine, where he teaches human ecology, focusing on the values of foraging, wildcrafting medicine, and primitive living skills.


Selena Rezvani

Selena Edit

A recognized consultant, speaker, and author on women and leadership. A seasoned human capital consultant, Selena uses workplace culture assessments to help corporate clients be more inclusive and welcoming to women. Known for her award-winning column for The Washington Post on women leaders, she’ll be navigating the audience through concepts like workplace ‘mirror-tacracy,’ and presenting on how men and women can negotiate the workplace in the era of #metoo.


Charles Teale Sr.

Charles Edit

Retired Hartford Fire Chief and certified educator, Charles is on a mission to teach Hartford adults his motivational tools for learning, based on one simple belief: You should never teach anyone anything unless you have taught them how to learn, how to understand, and how to remember that information


Rachel DeAlto

Rachel EditIn a world where we wear a limitless number of masks, authenticity can be the difference between success and mediocrity. Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto reveals how her success was created and will share how you can connect with others and reach your professional potential through self-awareness, vulnerability, and confidence in being exactly who you are.


Ryan Mazurkivich

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A Consulting Hypnotist, he helps people change their habits, increase their confidence, reduce their pain and get motivated to create happier, healthier lives. Ryan will share a tool that helps break the cycle of stress while easing the feeling of spinning out of control – at any place and at any time – and no one knows what you’re doing.



Frank W Maletz, MD FACS 

Frank Edit

An orthopedic surgeon and educator, Frank will take the stage to talk about our state, national, and global opioid crisis. He will discuss PSychoActive Addictive Disorders and using the very best brain science and current bench research to propose a new model, a comprehensive whole brain, holistic approach, to give real hope to many patients.



Matt Kozloski 

Matt Edit

As an experienced IT consultant, Matt focuses his energy on helping today’s leaders protect their organizations from downtime and cyber-security threats, and using technology to advance their goals. He makes complex technology relatable to everyday life and in this talk, illustrates how cybersecurity can and must become part of every organizations regular course of business.



Stacey Cohen

Stacey Edit

There’s no doubt that work and play increasingly occur online, and that success in college and beyond requires an expert grasp of digital life and social media. As a powerful and clear voice on personal branding, Stacey will educate, inspire and empower the audience with new insights – including, a three-tiered roadmap inclusive of tools to identify, hone, and broadcast one’s strengths, interests and achievements.





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