Featured Speakers

Natalia Abrams is the Executive Director of Student Debt Crisis where she advocates for student loan debt reform and the creation of lending solutions for all borrowers and students pursuing affordable and accessible higher education. Did you know that ⅔ of America’s $1.5 trillion in student debt is held by women? And that Seniors are the fastest growing group with student debt? Natalia will reveal the ‘why’ and discuss the possibility for change.

Dr. Godfrey Pearlson leads a team of researchers at Hartford Hospital’s Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center at the Institute of Living–actively researching marijuana and driving. With so many states moving toward legalizing marijuana– there are a lot of questions and possible implications on our society. This is part of federally funded testing to see what happens to people when they smoke marijuana and drive. The researchers are trying to develop a reliable roadside test police can use to determine if someone is driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Yvette Young coordinates Connecticut’s Human Anti-trafficking Response Teams, focusing on reducing commercial sexual exploitation of children and domestic minor sex trafficking. The truth is, Human Trafficking is not only an international issue – it is a domestic one as well. Her talk will share how children are lured and what we can do to better protect them.

Shaun Osher is regarded as one of the most innovative and creative minds in real estate. He also plays the saxophone. You may wonder what the two have in common. His talk will walk us through why utilizing a creative mindset and improvising when obstacles are thrown your way will increase the likelihood that you will have a memorable, unique journey without regrets.

Sarah Leathers is the Founder and CEO of Healing Meals Community Project. Mission driven to provide healthy organic meals to people in a health crisis while fostering compassion and empowering youth and adult volunteers in our communities. Sarah’s talk will discuss how we can shape our collective future through nutrient-rich food, kindness and linking individuals to their community.

Rahkim Sabree is a millennial co-founder of the not-for-profit, An Extended Hand Inc., which focuses on empowering and educating those who are at risk of, or currently impacted by homelessness. He’s an advocate for financial education and his talk will discuss how financial empowerment is a team sport.

Kelly Monahan is an organizational behaviorist studying the future workforce. A recognized consultant, Kelly designs research programs and uses empirical evidence to help solve big workplace problems. She will challenge the audience to think differently about how the future of work would look like if we started from a new perspective.

Olivia Richman is a fourth-year medical student committed to making a remarkable contribution for teens worldwide through entertainment – education. We’re living in an era where we have information at our fingertips, yet the most basic information is being overlooked. Her mission aims to educate and empower teenagers on their sexual and reproductive health.